Marine / Industrial Construction

W.F. Magann Corporation is a diversified general contractor that self performs the heavy structural/civil aspects of projects. Utilizing a team of experienced superintendents, union labor, and reliable subcontractors, W.F. Magann has performed thousands of projects as the Prime Contractor. In-house engineers and project managers work with our teams in the field to make sure that all the projects are constructed at  industry standards and are completed on schedule.

Servicing the various government and civilian operated shipyards in the local harbor has become a niche that W.F. Magann Corp. is privileged to fill.   Being a local  union contractor offers these clients several benefits:   We pull our labor from  union halls which results in a higher degree of craftsmanship.  Utilizing union labor also allows us to augment or diminish our labor force as quickly as needed as part of our contract with the Union Hall which results in expedited mobilizations and decreased labor costs.   Another benefit of being local to our work is that we have redundancy within our  company-owned equipment fleet so we can always respond as swiftly as necessary with whatever equipment the project requires.   This greatly reduces downtime on projects and helps us to achieve all of our schedule milestones.

While we enjoy driving piles and pouring concrete, we also are adept at tackling the more difficult projects that the marine and industrial worlds present.    This is accomplished from having centuries of experience within our company, and by cultivating relationships with industry experts across the nation.   From machine foundations to aircraft carrier piers W.F. Magann will have you covered.

Please visit our projects page to see some of our more recent work as well as historical jobs we have completed.

JBLE Fuel Pier – Langley Air Force Base

Pier 3 – BAE Systems